2019-06-26: Accelerating Energy Efficiency in HFC-Free Supermarkets

The webinar is part of a project funded by the Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program (K-CEP) that seeks to help retailers accelerate adoption of energy efficient HFC-free cooling and create favourable policy measures.

Making refrigeration sustainable demands a holistic approach that not only addresses hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) but also considers energy, which can contribute to three times more carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions than the HFCs or hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) used as refrigerants.

The presentations

METRO F-gas exit program
Olaf Schulze, Director Energy Management, Investment and Technical Solutions, Metro AG

Energy efficiency in HFC-free commercial refrigeration
Sophie Geoghegan, Climate Campaigner, Environmental Investigation Agency

On our way to carbon neutral
David Schalenbourg, Director Architecture, Construction & Maintenance, Delhaize Belgium

Accelerating energy efficiency in HFC-free supermarkets
Marina Escala, Project Manager Energy Management, Migros

2019-02-22: Zero Net Energy Supermarkets: Towards a Sustainable Future

The webinar gave the latest updates on how retailers can move towards zero net energy supermarkets, and hear about the success stories.

As refrigeration accounts for about 60% of total energy use in supermarkets, the progress towards zero net energy supermarkets can be realised through coupling cooling and heating systems of the store with renewable energy sources and linking the system into a district-heating network.

The presentations

CO₂ Units for Supermarkets and Efficient Integration
A joint presentation by: Krzysztof Banasiak, Research Scientist, SINTEF Energi, and Ángel Álvarez Pardiñas, Researcher, NTNU

The Electrical Side of Supermarkets
Dirk Leinweber, Director Sales Food Retail, Danfoss

How Far Can We Bring The Technologies - The Supermarket as a 'Power Plant'
Hans O. Matthiesen, Global Segment Director Food Retail, Danfoss

2018-09-27: Upcoming World Guide to CO₂ Refrigeration

The webinar provided the latest updates on CO₂ transcritical refrigeration trends for supermarkets, convenience stores and industrial applications, and allowed participants to give input to the scope of an ongoing research. #GoNatRefs #sheccoBase

The presentations

Upcoming World Guide to CO₂ Transcritical Refrigeration
Klara Zolcer Skacanova & Anti Gkizelis (shecco)

2018-05-16: Greening the Cold Chain: CO₂ in the Industrial Sector (Carnot Refrigeration)

The webinar provided an update of the latest trends in adoption of CO₂-based technology in industrial refrigeration in North America and globally.#GoNatRefs

The presentations

Greening the Cold Chain: CO₂ in the Industrial Sector
Alvaro de Oña, Chief Operating Officer, shecco

Current Trends In Use Of Natural Refrigerants In North America; Benefits Of Using CO₂ And End-User Perspective.
Marc-André Lesmerises, President, Carnot Refrigeration
John Miranda, Founder & Chief Marketer, Emergent Cold Technologies
G. Robert Hampson, Owner,  Canneberges Becancour

2018-05-09: Ensuring safety in China’s industrial refrigeration (Danfoss)

The webinar highlighted the challenges and opportunities to ensure a safe handling of ammonia in China. Low-charge ammonia systems were in focus of the webinar as such technology is becoming the most promising for the future of industrial refrigeration.#GoNatRefs

The presentations

Introduction And Policy & Market Trends
Alvaro de Oña, Chief Operating Officer, shecco

Industrial Refrigeration in China
Kristian Strand, Vice President Industrial Refrigeration, Danfoss

Industrial Refrigeration in China
Jackie (Lun) Xiao, Senior Marketing Communications Manager, Danfoss China

How To Reduce Ammonia Charge
Chengcheng Ju, Moon Environment Technology Co.,Ltd.

2018-04-25 Standards for hydrocarbons (LIFE FRONT)

Around 140 participants joined the webinar on the LIFE FRONT project, which aims to remove barriers posed by standards for hydrocarbons in HVAC&R. #GoNatRefs #LifeFront www.lifefront.eu

The presentations

LIFE FRONT Project Overview, Literature Review & Market Survey
Dario Belluomini & Klára Skačanová (shecco)

Experience from Heat Pump Manufacturer
Joachim Maul (Ait - Deutschland)

New Approach for Determination of Maximum HC Charge Size Limits
Daniel Colbourne

2017-05-31: What is sustainable cooling in the EU? A cross-sector perspective (Danfoss)

shecco and Danfoss held a webinar on sustainable cooling, focusing on the latest developments in European Union (EU) policy and European market trends.

The presentations

Introduction And Identified Opportunities & Challenges
Alvaro de Oña, Chief Operating Officer, shecco

Sustainable Cooling - What Should We Expect From The Adoption Of The Clean Energy For All Package?
Alix Chambris, Head of EU Public Affairs, Danfoss

coolingEU - A Cross-Sectoral Platform To Promote Cooling
Ingo Wagner, Coordinator coolingEU and Policy Manager Euroheat & Power

Decarb Heat + Cooling, An Initiative for Decarbonising the EU Heating Sector
Thomas Nowak, Secretary General, European Heat Pump Association

What Is Sustainable Cooling In The EU?
Christine Weiker, Secretary General at ECSLA