2019-02-22: Zero Net Energy Supermarkets: Towards a Sustainable Future

The webinar gave the latest updates on how retailers can move towards zero net energy supermarkets, and hear about the success stories.

As refrigeration accounts for about 60% of total energy use in supermarkets, the progress towards zero net energy supermarkets can be realised through coupling cooling and heating systems of the store with renewable energy sources and linking the system into a district-heating network.

The presentations

CO₂ Units for Supermarkets and Efficient Integration
A joint presentation by: Krzysztof Banasiak, Research Scientist, SINTEF Energi, and Ángel Álvarez Pardiñas, Researcher, NTNU

The Electrical Side of Supermarkets
Dirk Leinweber, Director Sales Food Retail, Danfoss

How Far Can We Bring The Technologies - The Supermarket as a 'Power Plant'
Hans O. Matthiesen, Global Segment Director Food Retail, Danfoss